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Product size: 75 ml
Type: shaving Soap
Fragrance: Man
Main accords:
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The purest Italian style, is apparent from the gestures, from the choices, habits and. The authentic style, the result of a class innate, that the Water of Parma door almost a hundred years all over the world.

A set of small rituals luxury, granted through the creations that summarize a rich tradition and the projected modernity.

The Collezione Barbiere. Summary well-balanced between elegant design, texture refined and meticulous packaging, designed for the modern man.

More than a collection a ritual of great fascination because it is an expression of manly elegance. Formulas and accessories designed for those who love to reserve each and every day a space for the care of the self, a moment of well being before facing the commitments of the day.

A ceremonial without time in which they love to indulge and also the men of the new generations.

Men who are demanding and aware that in the care that is increasingly more careful of their own appearance these tend to focus on the face, and to locate a perfect shave sign of impeccable style.

The style of the Collezione Barbiere. And it is like being in a fine atmosphere a historical barberia italiana.


Cream and soft shaving

A consistency mordiba and creamy, to be used with and without the brush. Practice to use, adheres perfectly to the skin for a close shave comfortable. Optimize the sliding of the razor for an accurate result, and delicate. Contains Oils Eudermic, do not dry the skin and prevents the formation of irritation and redness. The Acid Hyaluronic acid contributes to create a protective barrier on the skin, against the step aggressive razor. The circular motion of application of the product, raises the hair for shaving more accurate and effective, reducing the phenomenon of ingrown hairs.


Data sheet

Size 75 ml
Fragrance Man
Type Shaving soap
Line The Collezione Barbiere